Presidence and Steering group

Organigram and Functions of the CCIT

The purpose of this organisational chart is to create a minimum set of conditions for the CCIT to function, maintain its fraternal spirituality and respond to current and, let’s hope, future situations.

The CCIT is organised around its members: a steering group, a supervisory group and a council of wise men/women.

The structure of the CCIT

To become a member, one must:

  • accept the CCIT Charter.
  • having participated in at least three international meetings.
  • submit an explicit application/request to the Steering Group.

Loss of the right to be a member:

  • Those who have not participated, without justification, in 3 consecutive meetings.
  • Those who would impose another spirit on CCIT that would deviate from the spirit of CCIT (Yoska)

Tasks entrusted to members:

  • Actively engage in all phases of the annual meeting.
  • Participate in election moments.
  • Forge bonds of friendship with other CCIT members and share experiences.

The management team/steering group has a communitary responsibility. It is formed

  • by the President
  • by the Vice-president,
  • by 3 Councilors

The President is elected by the members.
The Vice-president is chosen by the President
The 3 Councillors are chosen from among the members by the president and vice-presiden

Phases in the election of the President:

To elect the new President, the Supervisory Committee proposes 2 or 3 candidates to be put to the vote of the members. To ensure continuity, the term of office of the President and Vice-president is 5 years. Except in exceptional cases, the SG may not serve more than 2 consecutive terms.

Tasks entrusted to the SG

  • The annual meeting: in order to ensure the organisation of the annual conference, the steering group can call on a certain number of delegates.
  • The appointment of the Director of the Nevi Yag magazine.
  • Visiting member countries or forging new links. It is supported by a secretariat appointed by the president (mail, invitations, accounts, etc.).

The Supervisory Committee consists of:

  • Director of Nevi Yag,
  • two members of the council of wise men/women
  • of 4 members elected by the members

The Committee will choose a secretary from among its members, who will hold its meeting during the annual conference or whenever deemed useful.

Tasks entrusted to the Supervisory Committee:

  • Maintaining communication with the steering team
  • Evaluating the annual conference
  • Propose candidates for the election of the President
  • Resolving eventual conflict situations

The Council of Wise consists of:

  • the founding members
  • past Presidents
  • people who have played an important role in the history of CCIT.

The Council of Wise is jointly confirmed by the Steering group and the Supervisory Committee

Tasks entrusted to the Council of Wise:

  • Choose from among its members the 2 members who will participate in the Supervisory Committee.
  • Provide at the CCIT annual conference any communication it deems useful and illustrate, from its experience, the theme of the conference.
  • Provide contributes to the Nevi Yag magazine.
  • Maintaining or reawakening the spirit of CCIT.
  • Verify the good use of roles.

Current organisational chart

According to the new organisational chart approved on 10.04.2016 during the Conference in Esztergom and updated following the election of the President in Prague on 23 April 2023, the association is coordinated by

  • President Cristina Simonelli (I) elected for 5 years.

  • Currently acting as the President’s Council is the Nevi Yag editorial team (Agostino Rotamartir I – Marián Drahoš Sk – Aude Morisod CH – Ivica Iviskovic D – Silvia Scatragli – H)

  • Secretary Pamela Adami (I).

Cristina Simonelli (i)

Pamela Adami (I)

Marián Drahoš (SK)
Vice President

Agostino Rotamartir (I)
President's Council

Aude Morisod (CH)
President's Council

Ivica Iviskovic (D)
President's Council

Silvia Scatragli (H)
President's Council

  • the head of Nevi Yag : Agostino Rotamartir (I) ) assisted by Marián Drahoš (SK)

  • two members of the Council of Wise Men: Elisa Tambour (B), Piero Gabella (I)

Other members – Thérèse Poisson (F) and Viktor Tomcanyi (SK) were elected six years ago in 2017 – will be voted on 2025.

  • the founding members

  • the emeritus presidents

  • some people who have played an important role in the history of the CCIT, jointly approved by the steering group and the supervisory committee. So, currently: Piero Gabella (I), Elisa Tambour (B), Maria Pia (Petite Soeur de Jésus), Claude Dumas (F)

Elisa Tambour (B)
C. of Wise

Maria Pia
(Petite Soeur de Jésus)

Claude Dumas (F)
C. of Wise

Piero Gabella (I)
C. of Wise

Colette Lacombe (F)
C. of wise

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