A fire for

A common human and evangelical journey

Message by the new President Cristina Simonelli

First of all, I certainly interpret the common feeling to express a huge thank you to Claude Dumas and Colette Lacombe. Their work, their spirituality, their friendship have been something very great. And they continue to be… because we certainly do not renounce them, just as we did not renounce Piero Gabella and Léon and Elisa, in the memory of Yoskà

So I thank you for your trust, which I hope to honor with the help of each and every one of you. At this meeting, we have discussed the crisis as an opportunity and a moment of possible change. The situation throughout the world is worrying: our difficulties fit into this picture, but also – my crutch is a symbol of this! – the resources we can find together. Because the more we are aware of the importance of the task, the more we know that we absolutely need help, far beyond crutches.

Certainly, we are all faced with a challenge with many aspects: first of all, that of memory and continuity, what we are used to in the spirit of the CCIT and its Charter, to which we owe so much; continuity also includes the typical positioning of the CCIT: spiritual and ecclesial and therefore ecumenical without a shadow of a doubt, ready for dialogue, including inter-religious dialogue, and at the same time civil, attentive to the concrete and political dimension of our being travellers from different backgrounds, so that no one is excluded and can make their own contribution.

In addition to these elements of continuity, we would like the period ahead of us to be characterised, if not by novelty – it would be presumptuous to think so – by a possibility of ferry-over, of transition that will be able to flourish later on: for this reason, together with Claude Colette Agostino and the friends of nevi Yag we have already conceived and launched a website – which I will tell you more about in a moment. The community of the nevi Yag editorial team is also, at the moment, the support for the site’s materials, which will not be as fast as a social, but neither should it stand still. This tool, as the pandemic has also taught us, will allow us, I imagine, to activate meetings in the Zoom classroom: it is not the same thing as an in-person meeting with a cup of coffee, but by reducing travel, without eliminating it altogether, it meets the economic difficulties and also the sobriety that characterises us, by condition and by choice. Look at the site often! And, as has been the case so far, you will also be able to receive information about the association and any local initiatives, which can be pooled. With everyone’s help, we will go a little further together.

For the site, let’s see the connection: ccitsiganes.org. It is organized in four languages – three at the moment. French, Italian and English. However, each platform can also host texts and information in other languages: for example, the Nevi yag in Slovak is currently ‘posted’ in the Italian platform.

We can hear now if there are any questions, if we can answer them, and proposals, which we will then certainly see to the extent possible.

So let’s come to next year’s meeting: it will take place in France, near Lyon, on 12-14 April 2024: We will let you know other details via the mailinglist.

I think we can now collect your ideas and proposals, which will then be ‘worked on’ in the small council.

Thank you all. To the Ceka team for the wonderful welcome, assisted by Slovak friends. To all for Carrefours and translations

The Eucharistic celebration, presided by Claude Dumas, will take place shortly. For those who can stay for lunch afterwards and perhaps also for the outing, we will continue our meeting with lightness and joy as sisters and brothers. To the others we already wish a good and safe journey.

Cristina Simonelli